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resuscitation ventilator / infant / pediatric / adult
resuscitation ventilator
neumovent advance

High-end mechanical ventilator that provides invasive and non-invasive ventilation, adaptable to any patient category. Comprehensive monitoring It is possible to monitor the most important parameters, from the beginning ...

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electro-pneumatic ventilator / intensive care / infant / pediatric
electro-pneumatic ventilator

Diomede is critical care ventilator that acts electro-pneumatically. This device has a variety of advanced models that can be used as invasive and non-invasive ventilator. Diomede is designed to be ...

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electronic ventilator / resuscitation / infant / CPAP
electronic ventilator
OxyPAP 5060

The Unique bubble CPAP generator provides consistent and accurate delivery of CPAP The Reusable Pressure Manifold with pressure relief valve for infant safety The Manometer is provided to ensure the delivery of accurate PEEP Rotating ...

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Neotech Medical Systems
electronic ventilator / resuscitation / pediatric / CPAP
electronic ventilator

power 350 watt weight 15 Kg Dimension (PLT) : 590 x 320 x 1000 mm Oxygen /air blender CPAP frame with I.V pole System 100 re-useable Neonates and pediatric patient Automatic control Up to 20 ltr per minute flow capacity Stable ...

electro-pneumatic ventilator / resuscitation / multi-mode / with touch screen
electro-pneumatic ventilator

... controlled ventilation Suitable for children and adults Easy control of user interface by touch screen & navigator wheel Sensitive adjustable flow trigger and pressure trigger Lung mechanics monitoring ...

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pneumatic ventilator / resuscitation / transport / on casters
pneumatic ventilator

Features: Pneumatic powercontrol, microcomputer control Operationcontrol panel with clear LED display, easy to operate High qualityhumidifier High-qualitypipeline, accessories, parts Specifications: ...

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Seeuco Electronics Technology
electronic ventilator / intensive care / pediatric / CPAP
electronic ventilator

... Flow sensitiveness. MAGNAMED REMOTE ASSISTANCE (ARM). TECHNOLOGY MAKES DIFFERENCE. Present in all Magnamed Lung Ventilators, the remote assistance allows to identify a possible problem via Internet, not being ...

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resuscitation ventilator / clinical / non-invasive / on casters
resuscitation ventilator

... class pneumatic driven ventilator for respiratory support of neonates, pediatric and adult patients in ICU, CCU & OT. User-friendly touch screen interface in addition to high-end ventilation features combined in UVENT ...

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intensive care ventilator / on casters
intensive care ventilator

Usage of ventilator S1600 ventilator is the type of electrically and pneumatically controlled synchronous respirator with time switch. It is mainly used for the saving of patients with respiratory failure ...

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Perlove Medical
electro-pneumatic ventilator / intensive care / on casters
electro-pneumatic ventilator

HF-2000B2 is a multi-functional Ventilator adopting pneumatic, electronic control and microcomputer technology Respiratory machine is an advanced LCD display at home and abroad. The parameter setting, monitoring and ...

electronic ventilator / intensive care / CPAP / on casters
electronic ventilator

TK-7430SP Ventilator 18455 Miramar Parkway 225 Miramar Florida 33029 USA. Phone: 954-364 7526, Fax : 954-237- 5376 E-mail: MAIN FEATURE: Be controlled by microprocessor. Gas driven electronically controlled. Used ...

electronic ventilator / anesthesia / multi-mode / with touch screen
electronic ventilator

... Mode: SIPPV/IPPV/SIMV/IMV/PSIMV/CPAP/PCV/VCV/SPONT ■ Tidal Volume: 50-1500ml • Ventilation Capacity per Minute: &18L/min ■ Ventilator Conformance: s30mL/kPa ■ 02 Concentration: 20%-100% ■ Pressure Limited: 1.0kPa~6.0kPa Respiratory ...