cervical disc prosthesis

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cervical disc prosthesis cervical disc prosthesis


  • Spinal section:



Anterior cervical disc prosthesis, the
prosthesis ts used with the aim of preserving
mobility after discectomy fusion surgery,
all the movements of flexion allows
extension and rotation direction. These
implants are manufactured properly to MRI-
CT image techniques by titanium material.
For anterior region, these are proper to
Smith-Robinson approximation Retention
providing superior and inferior surfaces of
a gear structure. In this way. all titanium
alloy prosthesis can be placed firmly in the
upper and lower parts of the end plates.
To reduce corrosion and friction
coefficient of the mobility of the
implant prosthesis in order to provide
a continuous internal surfaces of the
system is covered with a special aNNoy.
Positioning and fixing process with a
single tool Prosthesis (*. -) 10 derece
flexion / extension, (+, -) 10 degrees
of lateral bending, and structure that
allows rotation of(+. •) 8 degrees.
Size options are available for different