non-adjustable blood collection chair
BES-1046, BES-1046/INF



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Blood collection chairs are an indispensable tool in every medical practice or facility. They provide a comfortable sitting position for the patient. The seat and the ergonomically-shaped backrest are also comfortably padded and covered with a disinfectant-resistant synthetic leather.
Our customers can choose from a variety of different colours; this way, the blood collection chair can easily be combined with the existing furniture in all treatment rooms.
AGA Blood collection chairs - Fixed height
AGA Sanitätsartikel produces, in addition to height-adjustable blood collection chairs, models with a fixed height. The quality remains the same - each blood collection chair provides comfortable seating and the design of the base ensures the necessary load capacity and a long service life in your practice or facility.
Chair models BES-1046 and BES-1046/INF are suitable for a patient weighing up to 150 kilograms.