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EMERALD™ Diagnostic Guidewire
Intended for percutaneous entry and guidance of catheters, the EMERALD® Diagnostic Guidewire complements our diagnostic catheter and catheter sheath introducer lines. Performance, endurance and safety are built into each EMERALD® Guidewire with solid tensile strength to minimize the likelihood of stretching or fracturing.
Enhanced maneuverability
Finger straightenability
Proprietary PTFE coating process
Available in multiple shapes and sizes
Available separately or in CORPAC™ which includes 3 diagnostic catheters, 1 sheath and 1 diagnostic guidewire.

STORQ™ Guidewire is the ideal steerable guidewire for any interventional procedure using .035” devices. This precision tool will facilitate access to any difficult to reach arteries.
Guidewire outer diameter: .035”
Stainless steel core wire
With SLX™ coating
Torque device included
5 units per package
Steerability and Torque, Experience the control
•Designed STORQ™ guidewire's atraumatic tip segment is soft and flexible to guard against intimal damage or plaque disruption during device delivery and catheter exchange.
•Length of core taper provides three different distal flexibilities - soft, supersoft, and standard - for accurate placement in diverse anatomy.
Preshaped angled, modified J, and straight tip shapes provide physician with procedural flexibility.

SV Steerable Guidewires are small diameter interventional wires that give you the optimal support to perform any procedure with a .018” device.
Guidewire outer diameter : .018”
Tip shape : straight (shapeable)
Proximal shaft coating : blue PTFE spray
Radiopaque coil length
5 units per package