oxygen flow meter / variable-area / plug-in type / rail-mounted
AEROway® Fine 15F-ZGA



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  • Other characteristics:

    variable-area, plug-in type, rail-mounted


AEROway-Fine-ZGA is a flow-meter which has been specifically designed for direct connection to ZGA. The back pressure-compensated flow-meter oxygen range is able to be steplessly adjusted from ranges of 0-1.5, 0-15 and 0-30 lpm. The Fine-ZGA has a measurement of 15F and is supplied with a DIN probe. All Fine-ZGA are supplied in neutral color versions.

Each flowmeter is equipped with a DIN probe which can be connected directly to a DIN quick release. Alternatively, it is attached with a DIN rail mounting clamp and connected by way of the 1.5 meter pressure hose with the DIN probe into the DIN quick release connection.