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humerus compression plate / proximal
PGR - 135.11XX



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The O’Nil plate for proximal humerus is an optimal solution for the treatment of fractures of humeral head. In the proximal part of the plate seven screws can be locked at different angles, providing maximum stability to the humeral head, granting excellent grip in the osteoporotic bone and in multi fragmentary fractures.
Made of AISI 316 LVM – ISO 5832-1 steel to allow MR imaging, the low profile and the particular design reduce the risk of impingement.
The absence of pressure on the bone and the limited invasiveness help to preserve the proper vascularization of the periosteum; the biomechanical qualities of the implant permit early rehabilitation, by decreasing healing times.
Patented screw-plate locking system allows a simple operative technique and eliminates the risk of cross threading between the screw head and the plate
Possibility of compression using the combined slots
Available in four lengths, right and left versions
The locking system allows a bicortical fixation
Low profile and pre-shaped plate
Simple instruments for reduced surgery times
Ref. 135.1101 (L) - 135.1102 (R) - Humerus Claw-PGR Proximal humerus short - Length 83 mm
Ref. 135.1103 (L) - 135.1104 (R) - Humerus Claw-PGR Proximal humerus medium - Length 124 mm