research reagent kit / diagnostic / for cancers / for molecular and cellular biology



  • Applications:

    for research, diagnostic, for cancers, for molecular and cellular biology

  • Tested parameter:

    for BCR-ABL mutations

  • Sample type:

    blood, bone marrow

  • Analysis mode:

    for real-time PCR, for RT-PCR, RT-qPCR, isothermal nucleic acid amplification

  • Other characteristics:



Leukemia Fusion Genes (Q30) Screening Kit is able to identify 30 different chromosomic traslocations, through a multiplex RT-PCR. CE-IVD marked for diagnostic purpose
The starting material is 2-3 ml of bone marrow, or peripheral blood.
The kit contains all the necessary to perform RT and qPCR L
The requested concentration of RNA is from di 20 to 200 ng/µl.
Sesnsitivity is 100 copies/reeaction.
The shelf life of the kit is 12 months, if properly stored at -20 °C in the dark.
The validated instruments to perform the kit are: Bio-Rad CFX96, Mx3005P/3000P, ABI7500, Light Cycler 480 e SLAN96s are the qPCR instrumet
The fluorescence channels are : FAM, ROX, HEX, Cy5

For the complete list of traslocations, please ask to us

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