laboratory microscope / for life sciences applications / for teaching / for biology
PAULA - Personal AUtomated Lab Assistant



  • Applications:

    laboratory, for life sciences applications, for teaching, for biology, for the pharmaceutical industry, for research

  • Type:


  • Ergonomics:


  • Observation technique:

    fluorescence, in-vivo

  • Other characteristics:

    high-resolution, with touchscreen, with slide scanner, WiFi, computer-assisted


Smart Cell Imager PAULA

The world’s first Personal AUtomated Lab Assistant PAULA helps you to speed up your daily cell culture tasks and standardize the results to improve your downstream workflow, offering you essential analysis apps like confluence and transfection efficiency check. It is small enough to fit on any lab bench or even directly in an incubator, so it can stay faithfully by your cells. It helps you to ensure that your cells are ready for the next step - and everything is well documented. PAULA is fast, smart, and always in contact with you if you want.

Automating essential steps allows you to perform more reproducible downstream experiments:

No more guesswork - measuring instead of guessing
Peace of mind – automatic documentation of your cell culture tasks
Customized analysis - your personal settings automatically recorded

With the PAULA Cell Imager you will manage your cell cultures instead of just culturing them.

Take away the guesswork

PAULA checks cell line characteristics, like confluence, for you. This brings the usual guessing game, where several people just give estimated values of the confluence, to an end. PAULA gives you a reproducible result fast and unambiguously.

PAULA scans and identifies your flasks within milliseconds using the integrated barcode reader. This keeps everything under control, even when the time is tight. PAULA stores the documentation in a database - organized, traceable, and dependable.

PAULA even memorizes your personal settings for each specimen and recalls them at any time the same specimen is being checked.