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coronary arteries stent / stainless steel
Nano+™ series

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coronary arteries stent / stainless steel coronary arteries stent / stainless steel - Nano+™ series


  • Type:

    coronary arteries

  • Material:

    stainless steel


Polymer-free Sirolimus-eluting Coronary Stent System
Efficacy of DES, safety of BMS
The efflcacy of DES
Nano+ stent, in which is used the effective and widely applied Sirolimus. with drug-coating and special technical post-treatment. would guarantee high drug loading density and Ideal drug release kinetics.
At the surface of Nana, nanoporcus cavity as drug carrier
Smaller cavity has stronger adhesion of drug.
More than 80% surface porosity guarantees firm adhesion.
Nanoporous cavity does not attest the macroscopic properties at Stent.
The high etfectlve drug loading dosage of Nano+ “‘ polymer-free stent: 2.2 ug/mm2

The safety of EMS
Nano+ m stent adopts the Polymer-tree drug-loading technology. Only bare metal stents is left after the complete release of drug. There Is no polymer coating that could cause Inflammatory response. Nano+ 7” stent improves the adhesion. extension and proliferation of endothellal cells, and facilitates complete healing of vessel intima
A newer and more advanced balloon delivery system
Small tapered tlp design. patented hydrophlllc coating on the shaft provides excellent deliverebiiity over the torturous anatomy.