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cylindrical dental implant cylindrical dental implant - Xpeed


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1.Nano bone matrix layer of Ca2+ incorporated S-L-A surface
2.Fast and strong osseointegration
3.Dual check System for greater safety
Ca'- incorporâtes into the fixture surface, creating a CaTiOa Nanostructure. This forms unique and uniform Nano-structure with Ca2* ions which activate osteoblasts in living organisms.
SLA surface with Ca2+ Incorporation
MegaGen has developed surface treatment based on SLA technique with calcium ion
incorporation process. Calcium ion créâtes a CaTiCh nanostructure on the surface,
and activâtes osteoblasts in the living organisms. The name of this unique surface treatment is XPEED‘.
Fast & Strong Osseointegration
Higher BIC (Bone to Implant Contact) results in stronger removal torque after osseointegration
XPEED* demonstrates higher BIC and requires stronger removal torque than the RBM or conventional S-L-A surface treatments.
Why “blue” colored surface guarantees safety?
During XPEED* treatment, S-L-A surface is neutralized with complété removal of acid residue. The blue color of XPEED* surface is the Symbol of cleanliness.
XPEED* is completely different from conventional coating technique. Because Ca:‘ ions incorporate into surface as nano-thickness, XPEED* will not be peefed absorbed after fixture placement which was common in conventional HA coating.
°Evidence on the effect of Xpeed Surface treatment
Large amount of new bone was formed early on the Ca2+ implanted titanium surface, compared with titanium, even at 2 days after implantation into rat tibia .
CaTiOs Nano-structure
CaTiO» could increase osseointegration with juxtaposée! bone needed for increased implant efficacy.