conical dental implant / titanium / internal

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conical dental implant / titanium / internal conical dental implant / titanium / internal - AnyOne


  • Configuration:


  • Material:


  • Connection:


  • Implant diameter:

    Max.: 8 mm

    Min.: 3.5 mm


Characteristics & Advantages
I. Design Concept
AnyOne* implant System was developed to beTissue friendly. Operator friendly, and Patient friendly (T.O.P concept).
From a novice to an expert, every body can enjoy the benefits that AnyOne offers. The convenience of implant placement, the initial stabiirty. excellent soft & hard tissue response and overall sborter treatment time are just few reasons that AnyOne wi become your implant choice. Patients can expect minimally invasive surgery with less pain, shorter healing time. and a more esthetic final restoration.
The AnyOne implant System truely offers a better expérience and satisfaction to both the dentist and the patient.
1. Tissue friendly
Improved surface treatment - YÊëëd'
Belter crestal bone response due to stress réduction design Better cancellous bone response due to eventy-distributed stress Better soft tissue response thanks to the bio-friendly S-line shape
2. Operator friendly
Simplifiée! surgical protocol giving predictable initial stability Simplified & compatible, single platform prosthetics Secure osteointegration with shortened healing times Higt) osseointegration
3. Patient friendly
Minimally invasive surgery Shorter recovery and treatment time Enhanced esthetic results
For Hard Bone
Easy and Simple placement for ail cases.
03.5, 04.0, 04.5, 05.0, 06.0, 07.0
For Soft Bone
New design with extended thread gives substantially stronger initial stability for soft bone application. 04.5, 05.5, 06.5, 07.5, 08.0