technical ceramics worktop / with sink / sterilization / modular
Eco-Logic ®



  • Features:

    with sink

  • Other characteristics:

    sterilization, technical ceramics, modular


Eco_Logic® worktops assembled to obtain a complex layout of a central “island” bench.
All worktops have a rim against overflows in front and rear edges.
The “Marine edge” profile, 20-28 mm thick, generates a continuous and flat central working area.
“Head” worktops have a particular shape customized for this specific project.

Worktops are supplied with a frontal glazed edge while remaining edges can be cut to size.
Cuts can be done also with Water Jet technology.
Worktops can be produced on demand with short and rear finished and/or glazed edges.
Special shaped worktops can be also produced with custom made moulds.

It is possible to make holes for fittings/taps and any kind of opening with glazed or unglazed cut edges.

Worktops and sinks can be produced in a wide range of colours.

Technical ceramic worktops have geometric tolerances in accordance with DIN 12916.