STORM microscope / laboratory / optical / inverted



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  • Observation technique:

    fluorescence, STORM

  • Other characteristics:

    ultra-high resolution


Tenfold increased resolution in x, y and z.
STochastic Optical Reconstruction Microscopy (STORM) reconstructs a super-resolution fluorescence image by combining precise localization information for individual fluorophores in complex fluorescent specimens. N-STORM takes advantage of Nikon's powerful Ti2-E inverted microscope and applies high-accuracy, multi-color localization and reconstruction in three dimensions (xyz) to enable super-resolution imaging at tenfold the resolution of conventional light microscopes (up to approximately 20 nm in xy).

This powerful technology enables the visualization of molecular interactions at the nanoscopic level, opening up new worlds of scientific understanding.

Tenfold improvement of axial resolution up to 50nm
In addition to lateral super-resolution, N-STORM utilizes proprietary methods to achieve a tenfold enhancement in axial resolution over conventional light microscopes and provide nanoscale information in 3D.

The 3D-Stack function allows multiple 3D STORM images from different Z positions to be captured and stitched into one image to create thicker STORM images.