laboratory microscope / optical / TIRF / SIM



  • Applications:


  • Type:


  • Observation technique:

    TIRF, SIM, for live cells

  • Other characteristics:

    ultra-high resolution, with color camera


Easily image at two times the conventional resolution limit of the light microscope, to resolve structures and living samples at high speed.
Utilizing a unique high-speed structured illumination system, Nikon’s N-SIM S achieves acquisition speeds up to 15 frames per second, enabling the acquisition of fast biological processes at twice the spatial resolution of conventional light microscopes, in multiple structured illumination modalities.

Twice the Resolution of Conventional Optical Microscopes
N-SIM doubles the resolution of conventional optical microscopes (~115nm in 3D SIM mode*) by combining “Structured Illumination Microscopy” technology licensed from UCSF with Nikon’s renowned CFI Apo TIRF 100x oil objective lens (N.A. 1.49).

Human liver tissue sample immunohistochemically prepared

Peroxisome organelles (green), whose annular structure cannot be resolved using conventional microscopy, can easily be observed using SIM.

Sample courtesy Simon C. Watkins, Ph.D., Director and Founder of the Center for Biological Imaging, University of Pittsburg.