manual-lock prosthetic knee joint / with stance control / K2 / K1

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manual-lock prosthetic knee joint manual-lock prosthetic knee joint - 3R93


  • Mechanical characteristics:

    manual-lock, with stance control

  • Activity level:

    K2, K1

  • Applications:

    for walking

  • Patient type:



3R93 is designed with innovative technology which is used as a locking knee joint that includes a manual release. If the mobility of the patient is improved after some time then the product can also function as a brake knee joint. After the amputation it has been noticed that with the use of locked knee joint the patients feel much safer while doing the initial exercises of walking and standing. The joint can be bent with the help of a pull cable for the purpose of sitting. If there is no requirement of the locking function then it can be deactivated permanently by the prosthesis.