single-axis prosthetic knee joint / hydraulic / manual-lock / with stance control



  • Mechanical characteristics:

    single-axis, hydraulic, manual-lock, with stance control

  • Activity level:

    K3, K4

  • Applications:

    for walking

  • Patient type:



The NEW 3R80 – newly redesigned
The 3R80 allows for a dynamic, smooth gait pattern for a large range of walking speeds.

New Generation – New Features

At a Glance

Waterproof – NEW
Manual lock – NEW
Available in both pyramid version and screw top version – NEW
Rotary hydraulics control stance and swing phase
High hydraulic resistance – to prevent involuntary flexion of the joint
Flexion and extension resistance can be adjusted easily and independently
Approved up to a maximum weight of up to 330 lbs/150 kg
Suitable for MOBIS* 3 and 4 patients

The wearer has confidence in the knee as it offers rotary hydraulics to control stance and swing phase. The rotary hydraulics of the 3R80 respond to the ground reaction forces in the stance phase at every step - high hydraulic resistance, which prevents involuntary flexion of the joint.