shock absorption prosthetic foot / dynamic / K3 / K4
1C62 Triton H



  • Mechanical characteristics:

    shock absorption, dynamic

  • Activity level:

    K3, K4

  • Applications:

    for walking

  • Patient type:



The Triton Harmony combines the outstanding functionality of the 1C60 Triton carbon foot with the proven Harmony P3 technology. This results in a highly functional, compact foot system with integrated Harmony pump for the fabrication of a socket system with a greater vacuum, additional shock absorption and torsion capability.

The Harmony system improves adhesion between the residual limb and the prosthesis, resulting in enhanced proprioception and an additional plus in safety in any situation. Furthermore, the residual limb volume is stabilized and circulation is promoted.

Compared to the use of separate components, the 1c62 Triton Harmony offers a weight advantage and reduced structural height. This means patients with a longer transtibial residual limb can also benefit from the combination of Triton features with Harmony vacuum technology.

The scope of delivery for the Triton Harmony includes a Spectra-Sock, the footshell including connection cap, a transparent (soft) and anthracite (firm) heel wedge, a pump with pre-assembled functional ring, socket connector and sound absorber.