single-axis prosthetic knee joint / microprocessor-controlled / with stance control / K2
Kenevo 3C60=ST, Kenevo 3C60



  • Mechanical characteristics:

    single-axis, microprocessor-controlled, with stance control

  • Activity level:

    K2, K1

  • Applications:

    for walking

  • Patient type:



The lightweight Kenevo microprocessor knee is designed to support short, shuffling gait patterns and individuals who need support performing essential movements like sitting down and standing up. It brings the security of an MPK to an underserved group who needs it most.

Ability to adapt to different mobility capabilities and needs
Adaptive swing release for increased security when walking
Automatic unlock and real time resistance adjustment for smooth sitting motion

Sitting function
Pre-lock for stability when standing up
Programmable stance stability options
Stumble Recovery Plus feature
Walking backwards support
Wheelchair function