cylindrical collection tube / sodium heparin
LIND-VAC HE1102, HE3902



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    sodium heparin


With sodium heparin
Vacuum blood collection tubes with heparin are used to produce plasma for biochemical testing.
Range of application: clinical chemistry, trace mineral testing.
Heparin is a natural anticoagulant found in a healthy organism.
Plasma is a component of blood free of blood cells by way of centrifugation. The clotting of plasma is prevented by adding an anticoagulant immediately after collection.
Lithium and sodium salts of heparin guarantee complete inactivation of blood coagulation and do not alter the parameters tested.
Advantages over serum:
– a larger volume of specimen is produced from the same amount of blood.
– the results do not depend on the state of the coagulation system.
– the results are closer to in vivo.
– lower risk of hemolysis and thrombocytosis.
Specimen: heparinized plasma.
The interior of the tube wall is coated with dry heparin (12-30 IU of heparin per 1 ml of blood).
Centrifugation conditions: 1300 g for 10 minutes.