single-cable exercise pulley / low



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The objetive of this machine is to be able to work the lower and the upper body training, offering many adjustment options depending on exercise and athlete level.
We can adjust the moment of inertia to use it on the early phases of sports readaptation, training with support, and in normal sports training, just by changing the number of masses we use.

This machine has a large internal development looking for smooth the peak eccentric minimizing the risk of injury to articulate in the change of cycle.
We work around the intertial disk weight, the axis radius, and counterweights until we find values that, depending on the athlete’s physical level, do not pose a threat to the articulation when the force changes direction (beginning of the eccentric phase).

In order to increase the athlete’s safety, the machine has side bases which allow users to fix their feet. The machine surface has been treated against slippery.

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