laboratory fume hood / chemical / walk-in / polypropylene
FH-120-WI-PP, FH-250-WI-PP



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Topair’s walk-in fume Hood protects laboratory staff from noxious fumes released by acids, dangerous gas and organic solvents– materials and acids which regular steel hoods may not withstand.

The Hood offers a large front opening designed to contain large, heavy, or tall equipment. The Hood is made of high-quality non-corrosive polypropylene with excellent chemical resistance. Polypropylene increases the product’s tensile strength and improves its thermal characteristics.

Harmful and unpleasant chemical fumes are removed from the controlled environment to facilitate a safe, pleasant work environment. The Fume Hood channels chemical vapors out of the building using an external fan installed on the roof or on an external wall.
The Hoods have been independently tested, and are EN-14175, ASHRAE 110-1995 certified.