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dental model positioner dental model positioner - PlanePositioner®


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Platform used to position the maxillary cast in the PS1 articulator and to reproduce the occlusal plane

Item number: SYAA0370An innovative approach for capturing and measuring patient-specific occlusal information:

position of the upper jaw,
inclination of the occlusal plane,
bite position,
occlusal surface design,
tooth set-up,
lower jaw’s function analysis,
and its relation to the upper jaw.

For a precise planning security, a comprehensive patient consultation and better communication between patient, dentist, orthodontist and dental technician.


inaccurate results through facebows or transferbows can be avoided,
all data can be accurately matched in the articulator by means of reproducible reference planes,
integration of data for functional analysis carried out by dental professionals,
articulator with an innovative design,
completely integrated in the digital workflow.

Reference planes – what’s new?

When detecting the patient’s reproducible Natural Head Position (NHP) by means of the PlaneFinder® measuring/registering device, it is usually possible to localise a horizontal reference plane for the patient‘s skull in the repeatable manner. During the registration, the patient intuitively positions the midline vertically and in the center of the device which allows the user to visualise and record the asymmetries from the patient‘s face on the right and left side of this vertical reference plane.