storage cabinet / for dental instruments / for dental laboratories / 2-door
storage cabinet

A 35” [90cm] wide double door cabinet built of heavy gauge sheet steel and covered with Resistop work surface. Full size doors provide complete access to enclosed area.Cabinets ...

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Handler MFG
supply cabinet / storage / for dental instruments / for dental clinics
supply cabinet

Design & Function – cabinet front with aluminium frame and satined glass, steel door in RAL colour, mirror, coloured glass or glass with photograph possible – measurements: 500 / 1000 / 1500 x 305 x ...

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Le-iS Stahlmöbel
instrument cabinet / laboratory / with shelf / with door
instrument cabinet

... steel 1.4301 oder 1.4571 sidewalls. - floor and top double-walled - adjustable shells - drain for fresh and waste car - doors double-walled - glass section - removable basin underneath floor - base with adjustable feet

general purpose furniture / for dental clinics / with door / with drawer
general purpose furniture
Essenza Air

+Essenza Air DOORS AND FRONTS: matte or gloss laminate, paint, acrylic, solid surface; large selection of colours. WORKTOPS: laminate with ABS edges, laminate post-formed worktop, solid surface worktop, HPL solid core, ...

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Kregar Med + Lab d.o.o.
storage cabinet / for dental instruments / for dental clinics / 1-door
storage cabinet
TC 7545

... stored for quick access during a treatment session. ■ Each insert part can be sterilized using Autoclave. ■ Mobile operation cabinet: the top part of the rear bracket can be pulled out to be used as a try, are four ...

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hospital cabinet / 1-door
hospital cabinet

Computers long ago became part of the patient care landscape. Today computers are an integral part of treating every inpatient and outpatient. Federal, state and local mandates not only make computers more useful but in many cases the ...

hospital cabinet / 2-door / fixed
hospital cabinet

ScanCell is our fully flexible design line, with over 5,000,000 possible combinations. A large variety of accessories can be customized to fit all the needs of storage, transport, distribution and point-of-use carts. Get a customized ...

endoscope cabinet / hospital / 1-door / fixed
endoscope cabinet

SPECIAL CABINET FOR LAPAROSCOPY, ETC. TECHNICAL SCHEDULE Equipped with two front doors and two rear ones for a complete access to device. Doors can be opened to 270° leaning against ...

general purpose furniture / for dental clinics / with door / with drawer
general purpose furniture

Decus Art takes its inspiration from the 20th century Cubism to create a fascinating and functional new project. The colours and shapes of glass turn the professional environment into a timeless piece of work. The tops and frames in ...

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laboratory cabinet / with door
laboratory cabinet

Foot Mounted Storage Units FEATURES Flexible Design Self-closing drawers and Doors Tailor made sizes and colours Two-tone coloured Exteriors 19 mm Thick polished granite and a Wide Range Of Optional ...

security cabinet / medicine / hospital / 1-door
security cabinet

Unit come in single and double door options, perfect for storage and segregation of chemicals and items considered health hazards. Construction made form wielding .9mm thick unit also comes with a reinforced rebated door. ...

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hospital cabinet / 1-door / modular
hospital cabinet

... cost-effective medical cabinets are especially designed for storage solutions for medical facilities. We offer modular products and customizable solutions for clinical and medical environments. By adding optional parts ...

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Aydın Medikal
patient room cabinet / 2-door
patient room cabinet

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hospital cabinet / with sink / with door / stainless steel
hospital cabinet

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linen cabinet / operating room / 2-door / warming
linen cabinet
BW50, BW500/WH

... discharged sooner if they are kept warm post-operatively. *Keeping patients warm is always considered best practice*. These cabinets offer safe warming of operating theatre cotton blankets. The temperature can be ...

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QED scientific ltd
patient room cabinet / with door / with clothes rack / modular
patient room cabinet

Great Lakes Series wardrobes feature rigid thermoformedtops, door and drawers fronts on 3/4” MDF core, color one side and with white melamine on the other side. Drawers are constructed with 6” metal drawer ...

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laboratory cabinet / 1-door / warming
laboratory cabinet
+37 °C ... +40 °C, 500 L | GS-5358-2

endoscope cabinet / hospital / 1-door
endoscope cabinet

The new Scope-Store + from LTE Scientific The new Scope-Store cabinet from LTE Scientific Designed to meet and exceed the specific requirements of HTM guidelines, Scope-Store + provides enhanced control and traceability, ...

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LTE Scientific
hospital cabinet / 2-door
hospital cabinet

Variety of supply Several types of cabinets to suit different storage and mobility requirements. Resistance, stability and maintenance Cabinets developed and tested according to EN 14727:2005 ...

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laboratory cabinet / operating room / 1-door / warming
laboratory cabinet

BFW-1060 series of liquid heating cabinet is mainly used for operating room, ICU ward, CT catheter room, radiology, intervention room, emergency department and other hospital departments; for liquid medicine, saline, ...

security cabinet / defibrillator / with door
security cabinet

1.Cabinet side: 30.3*30.3*23cm 2. Inside size: 30*30*20cm; 3. Glass window: 20*20cm 4. With electronic alarm system 5. Strobe light alarm is optional 6.The door has magnet to ensure it ...

endoscope cabinet / with door
endoscope cabinet
HS ProEndo series

locker room cabinet / for clean rooms / with shelf / with door
locker room cabinet

General Information In every cleanroom it is important that not only the operator has the right garment and consumables available, but also that the furniture is adjusted ideally to the respective cleanroom class. Furthermore the appropriate ...

drying cabinet / for linen / 2-door
drying cabinet

Drying Cabinet, 10 kg suspension lenght The product features Large doors and opening angle – for easy use A pivoting aluminium hanger and a fixed rack on the short side for thin and smaller ...

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first aid cabinet / hospital / with shelf / with door
first aid cabinet
FM 045

This stainless steel and aluminum shelf-style first aid kit is designed to allow the user to customize the shelves inside box, the locking system enables only authorised users of the kit access to its contents. This first aid kit is ...