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Vascular doppler / pocket / bidirectional

The Dopplex SD2 provides bi-directional...

Vascular doppler / pocket / unidirectional

The Dopplex D900 is a low cost audio...

Vascular doppler / pocket / with sphygmomanometer / with ABI calculation

The Diabetic Foot Assessment Kit by Huntleigh...

Fetal doppler / pocket / with heart rate monitor

This user friendly multi probe has white backlight...

Vascular doppler / table / bidirectional

This has several features including 620VP TFT LCD displays the wave...

Vascular doppler / pocket / bidirectional

Bidirection BV-520T TFT Bidirection BV-520T TFT helps doctor...

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A doppler is a medical device which uses ultrasound to create two-dimensional images. It is employed to measure intracardiac and intravascular blood flow. The procedure is known as a Doppler ultrasound test.


This exam can help diagnose congenital cardiopathy, valvular heart disease, stenosis, thrombosis, aneurysms and other cardiovascular pathologies. In addition to multipurpose models, some are designed for a specific use. These include esophageal, transcranial and extra-cranial dopplers.


These devices are either uni- or bidirectional. The former measures only blood flow speed as a function of the frequency of the single sound echo. The latter also can measure the direction of flow. Portable and hand-held units can be used for bedside or field examinations.

How to choose

Choice will depend on precise intended use. Factors such as mobility and display options should be considered.

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