Haemostatic agents

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Your choice in hemostasis

Sangustop® is a highly efficient felt-like hemostat. It is composed of native absorbable collagen fibrils of bovine origin; in addition, Sangustop®...

Local haemostatic agent

Lyostypt® is a native, absorbable collagen fleece. The fleece structure being rich in surface offers an ideal framework for...

Local haemostatic agent

Gelita is made of pure gelatin and is completely absorbed. The haemostatic effect results from the adherence of the blood platelets to the surface of the sponge...

For mechanical haemostasis in bone bleeding

Bone Wax is a sterile mixture of beeswax (70%) and Vaseline (30%) to stop bleeding in bones.


Oxidized resorbable cellulose hemostats

Cellistypt® is an oxidized resorbable cellulose hemostat, of 100 % vegetable origin made from natural cotton.
Oxidized cellulose hemostats have been used for decades and are well known for their hemostatic properties and easy handling.


General Introduction
HEMA LIMIT powder is a haemostatic preparation in a STERILE powder form, with the active substance based on oxidised cellulose and is destined to arrest capillary and minor venous bleeding and bleeding from parenchymatous organs at surgical interventions.

Special Characteristics
Due to the content of carboxyl groups (16-24%) and calcium ions, it supports the...

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