archiving software / reporting / medical imaging
archiving software

... system for medical image archiving and reporting What actually is SonoWin®? SonoWin is a highly sophisticated system for medical image archiving and reporting. SonoWin systems comprise simple single-user ...

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meso international
analysis software / visualization / diagnostic / for mammography
analysis software

Digital mammography results effective + flexible medigration MammoView is an easy to use, cost effective examination- and analysis system for curative mammography as well as mammography screening (fulfils PAS 1054). The enormous ...

patient data management software / scheduling / billing / podiatry
patient data management software

... integrated 2020 imaging products. Functionality is provided for electronic prescriptions, appointment scheduling, radiology results, laboratory orders, and so forth. The PodPractice has obtained certification ...

acquisition software / for scintigraphy
acquisition software

visualization software / acquisition / for archiving / sharing
visualization software

VetScope View Software integrates with AVImark & DVM Manager and is compatible with most practice management software! Captures and stores video and still frames, customizes and edits images, and ...

visualization software / for DICOM files / radiography / dental
visualization software

The CDR DICOM is a digital radiography software. It optimizes images to assist with diagnosis and improves patient communication. It offers a common language for medical devices which ...

reporting software / analysis / medical imaging
reporting software

inForm® Cell Analysis™ enables quantitative per cell analysis of immunohistochemistry (IHC), immunofluorescence (IF), and RNA in-situ hybridization, enabling the separation of weak and spectrally overlapping markers, in single and multiplex ...

visualization software / for dental imaging
visualization software

The benefit at a glance 16-bit data with 65,536 grey-scale values for outstanding image quality Caries and plaque diagnostics with VistaCam iX Diagnostics supporting filter functions Twain connection for OPGs USB 3.0 support of all current ...

analysis software / for intravascular ultrasound imaging
analysis software

... guided therapy systems offer the choice of imaging and physiology on a single integrated platform.¹ Core helps provide clarity in your approach, confidence in your decisions, and convenience in your diagnostic ...

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image capture software / viewer / for dental imaging / dental laboratory
image capture software
CA® SMART 2D version 4.0

The enhancements made to the CA® SMART 2D software in version 4.0 offer new possibilities for tooth movements in the CA® set-up technique. Thanks to the modified presentation of the different views it is possible to take ...

viewer software / for PACS / for radiology services
viewer software

Specifications Ultraview is a simple viewing software responsible for displaying PACS image data in non radiology department. It was developed not only for radiologist who doesn’t want to use diagnostic ...

management software / for dental imaging
management software

... port.CAMREX Software creates a Patient Library where you can View, Print, and Save your images.Can be integrated with patient management software.Specifications:USB 1.1 or USB 2.0, Windows VISTA/ XP/ ...

image analysis software / quality control / test / medical imaging
image analysis software

AutoPIAAutoPIA (Automatic Phantom Image Analysis) is a software for automatic recognition and analysis of test images of objects (phantoms) used to evaluate image quality. AutoPIA is able to quickly provide reproducible ...

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Leeds Test Objects
analysis software / test / angiography / for medical displays
analysis software

... NIVP3 software for Arterial Inflow simplifies your test protocol and inflow calculations considerably. It is a Windows based application that will automatically run the plethysmograph and cuff inflator, and store your ...

file import software / for dental imaging
file import software

100% in-house developed � User-friendly operation Super fast memorizing Milling and scanning, process monitoring Fully automatic generation of NC programs Unfinished work continued Group milling STL file import / export