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laboratory centrifuge / refrigerated - 6200 rpm | ROTANTA 460 ROBOTIC

Medical diagnostic labs rely heavily on high-performance laboratory automation systems that have centrifuge modules, and biotechnology and pharmaceutical research labs are also increasingly using these systems because...

laboratory centrifuge / high-capacity / refrigerated - 4500 rpm | ROTO SILENTA 630 RS

To centrifuge blood bags in an efficient manner, the Roto Silenta 630 RS proves to be a suitable product. Having a maximum capacity of 6*2000 ml/12*750 ml blood bags, the capability of the device to handle huge volumes becomes evident....

laboratory centrifuge / refrigerated - 22000 rpm | Heraeus™ Biofuge™ Stratos™

The exceptional performance and versatility of Thermo Scientific* Heraeus Biofuge Stratos centrifuges allows users to maximise their productivity by allowing reliable separations....

laboratory centrifuge / refrigerated - 17000 - 23300 rpm | Sorvall™ Stratos™

Thermo Scientific* Sorvall Stratos Centrifuges are flexible, quick, compact, and are used for reliable separations. There are two models available: standard and continuous-flow. Both models feature refrigeration as well as innovative technologies that get rid of imbalances and...

laboratory centrifuge / hematocrit / refrigerated - Heraeus™ Cryofuge™ 5500i

The Thermo Scientific Heraeus Cryofuge 5500i floor centrifuge was designed to meet requirements users set forth in a variety of environments. Some of the environments for which this device is ideal are hospital laboratories,...

laboratory centrifuge / high-capacity / refrigerated - Heraeus™ Cryofuge™ 6000i, Heraeus™ Cryofuge™ 8500i

Thermo Scientific Cryofuge is a modern device which is used for centrifuges in low speed. Pharmaceutical labs and blood banks centrifuge large volumes at high speed in a constant temperature where this product is suited...

laboratory centrifuge / multifunction / high-capacity / refrigerated - 4250 rpm | KR4i

The Thermo Scientific KR4i is a low-speed, high-capacity centrifuge that can be used for multiple purposes. It delivers great performance...

biological centrifuge / laboratory / compact / bench - max. 4400 rpm | 5702 R

The 5702 family of low speed, general purpose centrifuges was especially designed to meet the requirement of low- to mid-throughput cell culture labs. They are compact in design so that one can fit comfortably on every lab bench, quiet...

laboratory centrifuge / laboratory / high-speed / modular - 5804 R

Eppendorf Centrifuge 5804/5804 R with its renowned quality and reliability offers you the most cost efficient solution for your medium throughput applicationsnow and in the...

laboratory centrifuge / laboratory / high-speed / compact - 5810 R

Eppendorf Centrifuge 5810/ 5810 R with its renowned quality and reliability offers you the most cost efficient solution for your medium to high-throughput applicationsnow and in the future. It combines extraordinary...

laboratory centrifuge / refrigerated - 5427 R

Centrifuge 5427 R was designed with high-throughput research applications in mind. With its aerosol-tight 48-place rotor it handles even the toughest challenges in a safe and reliable manner to provide you the efficiency boost you need....

laboratory centrifuge / refrigerated - max. 16000 rpm | CM-16 Micro

BS-CM-16 micro-speed refrigerated centrifuge, various types of molecular biology, medical laboratory centrifugal ideal tool. The instrument uses a brushless frequency conversion motor, quiet operation and smooth, fast acceleration and deceleration, the centrifugal force of similar products, up to 24900 × g for a wider range of applications.
1. Brushless...

laboratory centrifuge / high-speed / refrigerated - 18000 rpm | UniCen MR

This Universal High-Speed Centrifuge with refrigeration is controlled by a microprocessor and can handle a maximum capacity of 4 X 200 ml. It is perfectly suited for Tissue-culture tubes, centrifuge bottles, Microliter tubes among...

laboratory centrifuge / high-speed / refrigerated - HiCen® FR

HiCen FR can be permanently installed or moved on rollers. It is microprocessor controlled base. It has big color display for both current and preset values of speed/g force, time and temperature....

laboratory centrifuge / high-speed / refrigerated - 22000 rpm | HiCen® SR

The large Large High-Speed Centrifuge is controlled by a microprocessor and has a maximum capacity of 4 x 1000 ml. The unit is fitted with 2 vertical rotors, 2 swing our rotors and 14 angle...

laboratory centrifuge / high-capacity / refrigerated - HiCen® XL

Extra large HiCen XL high speed centrifuge is refrigerated and microprocessor controlled with max capacity of 6x1000ml and two vertical rotors speeds (500-21,000 rpm @ 100rpm...

laboratory centrifuge / high-speed / refrigerated - 16000 rpm | Nahita 2816


Ref.: 52816000

Pause and starting of the same protocol
Pre-cooling at 3000-6000rpm

laboratory centrifuge / high-speed / refrigerated - 18500 rpm | Nahita 2850


Ref.: 52850000

Maintenance-free induction motor
Easy to use with a multifunctional single button
Digital circuits controlled...

laboratory centrifuge / multifunction / refrigerated - 500 - 14 000 rpm | NF 800R

NF 800/800R are ventilated and refrigerated units offering up to 4 x 200 ml and over 3,000 xg in swing-out rotor plus over 18,400 xg for a microtube angle rotor. Maximum angle rotor volume is 6 x 50 ml; a 30 x 15 ml rotor provides a high capacity, low cost answer to blood analysis.

They can spin 6 microtitre plates, have a choice of 10 acceleration and braking rates for optimum separation...

laboratory centrifuge / multifunction / refrigerated - 500 - 14 000 rpm | NF 1200R

NF 1200/1200R accept 48-76 x 5 ml tubes in the swing-out rotor and 6 x 100 ml in angle rotor and offer slightly higher performance than NF 800/800R models. Their microtube capacity and performance are also enhanced as is the high speed tube range.

Microprocessor control for precise operation with speed, RCF and temperature (R model) includes a choice of 10 acceleration...

laboratory centrifuge / high-capacity / refrigerated - 7000 rpm | DL7M

DL7M has a compressor from taikang, franch with the factual temperature control system. Advanced microprocesser control and direct drive system to make the drive system work more stably. Widely utilized in the field of blood station,...

laboratory centrifuge / high-capacity / refrigerated - 6000 rpm | DL6MC

The microprocessor setup is made with a Taikang compressor that is safe to...

laboratory centrifuge / high-capacity / refrigerated - 5000 rpm | DL5MC

DL5MC with the self diagnostic system and protection for imbalance.over speed,over emperature.This machine...

laboratory centrifuge / high-speed / refrigerated - 26000 / 24000 rpm | GL-26MC/24MC

This high speed refrigerated centrifuge is equipped with an innovative CPU control system that can rotate and control the temperature, centrifuge force and speed. The unit ships with a frequency control unit that is...

laboratory centrifuge / high-speed / refrigerated - 10000 rpm | GL-10MC

This innovative CPU control system is able to rotate and control temperature and speed and deliver excellent centrifuge force. This model is fitted with an intuitive temperature control system and a...

laboratory centrifuge / hematocrit / refrigerated - LBC-12, LBC-6

LABTOP large volume centrifuges are designed for separating blood and blood components from whole blood like platelet, plasma, RBC and Cryoprecipitate and it is ideal for blood banks and hospitals. Also widely used in pharmaceutical...

laboratory centrifuge / multifunction / refrigerated - max. 15300 rpm | Sigma 2-16KL

This compact, general-purpose Sigma refrigerated centrifuge has all the essential features you expect...

laboratory centrifuge / refrigerated - max. 15300 rpm | Sigma 3-16KL

Like the Sigma 3-16L, the Sigma 3-16KL refrigerated general-purpose centrifuge has...

laboratory centrifuge / high-speed / refrigerated - max. 18000 rpm | Sigma 3-18KS

Featuring patented user-friendly one-button control and a motorized lid lock, the Sigma 3-18KS...

laboratory centrifuge / high-speed / refrigerated - max. 30000 rpm | Sigma 3-30KS

High speed and easy operation. With its patented one-button control and motorized lid lock, the Sigma 3-30KS...

laboratory centrifuge / high-capacity / refrigerated - max. 15000 rpm | Sigma 4-16KS

Designed for continuous service, the Sigma 4-16KS is as precise and reliable as a Swiss watch. The centrifuge...

laboratory centrifuge / refrigerated - 300 - 15000 rpm | Neofuge 1600R

1. Our Neofuge 1600R laboratory centrifuge is refrigerated by a precise CFC-free unit with a temperature control range of -10 to 40℃.
2. It offers a maximum speed of 15000rpm and maximum RCF of 23646×g.
3. Using a swing-out rotor, the laboratory centrifuge...

laboratory centrifuge / refrigerated - 300 - 23300 rpm | Neofuge 23R

1. Our Neofuge 23R laboratory centrifuge is refrigerated by CFC-free unit which offers a temperature control range of -10 to 40℃.
2. It offers a maximum speed of 23300rpm and maximum RCF of 50377×g.
3. The maximum capacity is 4×180ml in a swing-out rotor.

laboratory centrifuge / refrigerated - 300 - 18000 rpm | Neofuge 18R

1. Our Neofuge 18R laboratory centrifuge uses a precise CFC-free refrigeration unit with a temperature control range of -10 to 40℃.
2. It uses an electronic imbalance detection system.
3. A patented lid lock system is utilized for safety.
4. The laboratory...

laboratory centrifuge / refrigerated - 300 - 16000 rpm | Neofuge 15R/15

1. Neofuge 15R laboratory centrifuge is refrigerated by a CFC-free unit which offers a temperature control range of -10 to 40℃.
2. It comes with a LCD display, which allows users to clearly see the speed, RCF, time, temperature, acceleration, braking rates and error message.

laboratory centrifuge / refrigerated - 13800 rpm | Neofuge 13R/13

1. Neofuge laboratory centrifuge is equipped with a precise electronic imbalance detection system.
2. It uses a patented lid-lock system for safety.
3. It comes with a LCD display which indicates the...

laboratory centrifuge / high-speed / refrigerated - 18 000 rpm | Z326K

These high performance, high speed centrifuges accept a variety of rotors for tube sizes up to 100ml. High speed and g-force ratings expand the use of the high speed centrifuges to a range of applications in areas such as molecular biology and basic research.

Speed and capacity

laboratory centrifuge / high-capacity / refrigerated - 250 - 13 500 rpm | Z400K

The Z400 series has multiple swing-out angle rotor options which make it useful to a lot of applications from cellular or molecular biology to blood separations and microplate technology.

It has a maximum speed of 13,500rpm...

laboratory centrifuge / high-capacity / refrigerated - 200 - 17 000 rpm | Z383K

Ideally used in industrial research and life science laboratories, 383 & Refrigerated Z383k, High Speed, High Capacity Centrifuge are well-known for their compact sizing and exceptional performance. High speed...

laboratory centrifuge / high-speed / refrigerated - -40 ... -20 °C, 30 000 rpm | Z36HK

Based on many years of centrifuge design and state-of-the-art technology, the Z36HK centrifuge offers super speeds as high as 30,000 rpm (65,390 x g) along with 9 rotor options. Featuring a modern design with an...

laboratory centrifuge / refrigerated - 500 - 15 000 rpm | K2015R

Speed...........500-15000 Rpm
(1 Rpm steps)
Rcf max........22,000 G

laboratory centrifuge / high-capacity / refrigerated - 500 - 15 000 rpm | K241R

Speed...........500-15000 Rpm
(1 Rpm steps)
Rcf max........22,000 G

laboratory centrifuge / high-capacity / refrigerated - 500 - 15 000 rpm | K243R

Speed...........500-15000 Rpm
(1 Rpm steps)
Rcf max........22,000 G

laboratory centrifuge / refrigerated / warming - 100 - 18 000 rpm | MPW 352RH

The MPW 352RH model is a refrigerated and heated desktop laboratory centrifuge. It find function in medical,...

laboratory centrifuge / refrigerated / warming - 100 - 18 000 rpm | MPW 260RH

The MPW 260RH model is a refrigerated and heated as well as desktop laboratory centrifuge. Its durable and...

laboratory centrifuge / high-capacity / refrigerated - 24000 rpm | VS-24SMTI

High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge(VS-24SMTi)
ㆍModel : VS-24SMTi
ㆍMax. 24,000RPM...

laboratory centrifuge / high-capacity / refrigerated - 18000 rpm | VS-18000M

ㆍModel : VS-18000M
ㆍVarious rotor for tube(1.5ml~50ml Tube)

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