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intracranial bypass instrument kit
EC/IC Bypass Set Aesculap®



  • Procedure:

    intracranial bypass


EC/IC Bypass Set

Special Instruments for ExtraCranial/IntraCranial bypasses

- Round golf ball handle design ... secure grip ... easy rotation.
- Fine instrument tips, which are particularly important for these anatomical conditions.
- Adapted working lengths (short, medium, long).
- Noir®, No Irritating Reflections. The aesthetic black Noir® surface coating effectively prevents disturbing light reflections.
- Micro scissors for very fine, delicate incisions, e.g. to expose fine vessels in bypass surgery.
- Micro forceps for grasping fine, delicate tissue, e.g. to hold the vessels during anastomosis in bypass surgery.
- Needle holder for grasping fine needles and suture material for suturing in bypass surgery.
- Vessel punch for punching holes in vessels for subsequent anastomosis.
- AVM clip applier forceps for applying AVM clips.