forefoot osteotomy compression bone screw / cannulated / headless
FOS™ Ortho Solutions



  • Applications:

    forefoot osteotomy

  • Screw features:

    cannulated, headless


The Foot Osteotomy System can be used for a range of forefoot procedures and includes dedicated compact instrumentation for ease of use. It consists of the following range of screws and nail plate.

3.0mm Scarf Screw.
2.3mm Phalangeal Osteotomy Screw.
2.0mm Weil Screw.


Titanium alloy screws cannulated for ease of insertion.
Headless screw designed to allow screws to be countersunk for maximum compression and aim of reducing the incidence of post-operative soft tissue irritation.
Packaged sterile.
FDA cleared.