blood collection tube / for serum analysis / round bottom / separator gel
LIND-VAC AG1102, AG3852 OÜ InterVacTechnology



  • Applications:

    blood, for serum analysis

  • Shape:

    round bottom

  • Other characteristics:

    separator gel, with coagulation activator


With gel and clot activator

Vacuum blood collection tubes with gel and clot activator allow to obtain more serum than regular tubes due to the cleaner separation of serum from the clot.

Range of application: clinical chemistry, immunology, protein electrophoresis, serology, microbiology, toxicology.

Gel is a special material designed to form a resistant barrier between the cellular components of blood and serum during centrifugation.

The density of the gel was chosen so that it is roughly between the density of the blood cells and the density of the serum, which causes it to move upward during centrifugation, settling above the red cells and in between the blood cells. The gel then hardens and forms a barrier between the blood cells and serum.

A certain amount of Silicone dioxide was added to the gel-barrier tube to ensure complete blood clotting within 30 minutes.

Specimen: serum.
Clotting time: 10 to 30 minutes.
Centrifugation conditions: 1500-2000 g for 10 minutes.
Once the specimen is collected, gently invert the gel-barrier tube 5-6 times to mix adequately.