blood collection tube / whole blood / cylindrical / K3-EDTA
LIND-VAC TE1202, TE3902 OÜ InterVacTechnology



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    blood, whole blood

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With EDTA K3

Vacuum blood collection tubes for K3 EDTA hematologic testing. These tubes are used for whole blood analysis.

Range of application: hematology, PCR analysis, blood typing.

The tubes contain EDTA, preventing blood from clotting by binding calcium ions.

Anticoagulant: EDTA potassium salt (ethylenediaminetetraacetate).

Specimen: whole blood.
Immediately after the specimen is collected, gently invert the EDTA tube 9-10 times to mix thoroughly.
Insufficient mixing could lead to platelet aggregation, microclot formation or coagulation.