locker room cabinet / for clean rooms / with shelf / with door
locker room cabinet

General Information In every cleanroom it is important that not only the operator has the right garment and consumables available, but also that the furniture is adjusted ideally to the respective cleanroom class. Furthermore the appropriate ...

waste cabinet / radioactive isotope / hospital / 1-door
waste cabinet
5520-00401, 5520-00404

Product Description Capintec’s new small cabinet, a great space saver! The 22 Inch Storage cabinet is a highly flexible unit with 2 adjustable shelves and plenty of space to store radioactive materials ...

X-ray film cabinet / hospital / with drawer / with door
X-ray film cabinet

Tried and tested rego Vario darkroom cabinet tables are an indispensable aid for effective work under conditions of limited visibility in the darkroom. The cabinet tables are constructed in a modular ...

sterilization cabinet / for instruments / hospital / 1-door
sterilization cabinet

How to use Instrument sterlitzerUltraviolet germicidal cabinet provides a safe and convenient means of sanitizing all small instruments, utensils. stethoscopes, vacuum suction glassware, make up sponges, bandages etc. ...