flame spectrometer / NIR / for the pharmaceutical industry / with USB port
flame spectrometer

Wavelength: 950 nm - 1,650 nm

... choice for many NIR applications including moisture measurement, grain and feed quality, measurement of fats and oils and pharmaceutical ingredients blending.

atomic absorption spectrometer / for the pharmaceutical industry / forensic medicine / for biochemistry
atomic absorption spectrometer

... XplorAA! Suitable for use in the following industries: Agriculture, Biochemistry, Environment, Food Products, Forensic Chemistry, Geochemistry, Industrial Analysis, Metallurgy, Petrochemistry, Pharmaceuticals ...

FT-IR spectrometer / for the pharmaceutical industry / single-beam
FT-IR spectrometer

... beam FTIR spectrometer. This instrument is operated by a PC. It is a powerful tool to analyze the sample structure in many fields such as petroleum, chemical engineering and pharmaceutical Industry. Applications ...

Raman spectroscope / for pharmaceutical packaging / inspection / hand-held
Raman spectroscope

Wavelength: 830 nm

RapID™ is the next generation in portable Raman raw materials ID verification, extending high-throughput spectroscopic identification through clear packaging to non-transparent and coloured containers – even multi-layer paper and plastic sacks

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UV-visible spectrometer / for the pharmaceutical industry / double-beam
UV-visible spectrometer
ACM-1908- UV1900 S

... precise, steady and consistent. The Double Beam UV-visible Spectrophotometer is ideal to widely use most of test filed such as clinical laboratory, biochemical laboratory, pharmacy, petrol chemical laboratory, environmental ...