manual massage table / portable / 2-section
KF/C-78, KF/C-72, KF/C-66



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The portable massage tables KOBAFLEX (KF/C) and MASSAFLEX (MKG) are widely used for sports massages as well as in the physical therapy practice and for house calls.
The portable massage tables are available in three different fixed heights (660, 720, 780 mm) to offer a comfortable working position to each therapist.
These tables are available under Article No. KF/C-78, KF/C-72 and KF/C-66. In the article numbers, the last two digits indicate the table height in centimetres (cm).
The dimensions when folded (suitcase) are 960 x 580 x 140 mm.
The maximum load is 250 kg. The upholstery thickness for the three tabletop sections is 30 mm.
The headrest is adjustable by grid.
To protect the KOBAFLEX during transport against dirt and damages, a transparent cover is available (Article No. S-10).