general medicine mobile health vehicle / truck

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general medicine mobile health vehicle / truck general medicine mobile health vehicle / truck - AmbMED01


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    general medicine

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Mobile Hospital manufactured on the purpose of performing all kinds of surgical operation and surgeon in a determined place. It allowed making all kinds of surgical operations in the exiting region by donating the mobile operation room among the same system and feature with the operating rooms placed in the hospitals.

A mobile operation room manufactured as being mounted on a flat belt trailer having at least 13 meters. The entire walls of the room in the trailer surfaced with PVC material. The elements used in covering and filling are fire-proof.

Inside of the case assisted with aluminum contours.

The floors of the entire room located in the mobile operating room coated with chemical materials that are water-proof, antibacterial, and wipeable.

The mobile operating vehicle consists of four main parts that are technical equipment room, sterilization room, intensive care unit, and the operating room. Variable designs and systems can be improved according to the requests and proposals of the customer.

Transition places between the rooms are donated with the doors having password systems. There is a communication system among the rooms. It is situated a lightning system with even function as night and day in the rooms.

Also, a generator having 30 Kwa power, controlling panels, medical gas plant and medical gas tubes placed in the technical room of the mobile operating vehicle.

the sterilization room: there is a sterilize sink system for the employee and a sterilization device for the medical supplies.

the operation room: there is a full function operation table, lighting with a cold light feature of the operation table, and various operation supplies.