blood donation mobile health vehicle / bus

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blood donation mobile health vehicle / bus blood donation mobile health vehicle / bus - AmbMED12


  • Applications:

    blood donation

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A Mobile Blood Donation Vehicle can be created from both a panelvan vehicle or a bus. It consists of three main components which are technical room, blood-taking section, and the cabinet for medical devices and supplies. It is located 3kws generator, air pressure tank, and electric components that can be seen on the condition that looked into the vehicle from the back door. In addition, there is a sink placed into the vehicle that has a hot-cold property.

It is mounted a blood-taking seat in the middle of the mobile blood-taking vehicle. That seat:

-has two controller engine

-works with 220v energy

-its extent can be adjusted by an engine

-is manufactured as being against toppling

-consist of three main parts which are backrest, legroom, and sitting space. It is constant the elbow pad of the seat; on the other hand, the backrest, legroom and sitting space are dynamic that controlled by another engine.

-can be settled to Trendelenburg’s position

-involves a rear header

-covered with the materials that can absorb liquids; thus, can be cleaned easily by not leaving any stain

-the cushions and the backrest have orthopedic features.

-coatings on the external side of the seat are designed as staying into the upholstery

It is used 4 or 6 Led lamps in order to light the cabin of the mobile blood-taking vehicle. Moreover, there are two spot lamps placed on the top of the seat.

The air-conditioner operates by receiving power from the engine of the vehicle.

There is a unit located on the external side of the ceiling in order to procure evaporation.

It is used a diesel or gasoline heater with an engine in order to warm up the inside of the vehicle externally.