respiratory infection test kit / respiratory syncytial virus / influenza A / influenza B
FilmArray® RP EZ



  • Applications:

    for respiratory infections

  • Tested parameter:

    respiratory syncytial virus, influenza A, influenza B, adenovirus, coronavirus, parainfluenza, enterovirus, for human metapneumovirus, Mycoplasma, Bordetella, Chlamydophila pneumoniae

  • Sample type:


  • Analysis mode:



Respiratory Panel EZSample Type: Nasopharyngeal swab14 TARGETS IN ONE TESTThe FilmArray® Respiratory Panel (RP) EZ tests for a comprehensive set of 14 respiratory viral and bacterial pathogens in about an hour. RP EZ is a CLIA-waived version of the CE-IVD, FDA-cleared Respiratory Panel (RP), and is designed to run on a single computer/instrument configuration (EZ Configuration) of the FilmArray 2.0 System.RESPIRATORY PANEL EZ MENUVIRUSES:AdenovirusCoronavirusHuman MetapneumovirusHuman Rhinovirus/EnterovirusInfluenza AInfluenza A/H1Influenza A/H3Influenza A/H1-2009Influenza BParainfluenza VirusRespiratory Syncytial VirusBACTERIA:Bordetella pertussisChlamydophila pneumoniaeMycoplasma pneumoniae