unicompartmental knee prosthesis / minimally invasive / fixed or mobile-bearing / cemented



  • Type:


  • Surgical application:

    minimally invasive

  • Tibial bearing:

    fixed or mobile-bearing

  • Fixation:



BMI Minimal invasive Unicompartmental Knee prosthesis
The system was developed with the aim to create an exact duplicate of the indi-
vidual patient's natural joint movements and the stability of the joint. The
femoral component is wide enough to cap the resurfaced condyles, be of a size
that reproduces the AP dimension of the femoral condyles, and adequately dis-
tributes the weight bearing forces and resists subsidence. The tibial component is
more than 6 mm in thickness to resist wear. The femoral component in situ
together with the tibial component can adequately restore the normal joint line
and correct the alignment towards, but not beyond the neutrai mechanical axis.
The joint line level can be restored, and therefore distal femoral resection should
equal the thickness of the femoral component. These features are all obtainable
with the Biotech BMI unicompartmental knee system, and are in full accordance
with the rational for this type of knee arthroplasty.