thoraco-lumbo-sacral spinal osteosynthesis unit / posterior / adult

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thoraco-lumbo-sacral spinal osteosynthesis unit / posterior / adult thoraco-lumbo-sacral spinal osteosynthesis unit / posterior / adult - DLC


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DLC - Dorso-Lumbar Coupling System
The use of DLC system is indicated in posterior spine surgery of the thoraco-lumbar-sacral region, where stability and solid bony fusion is to
be achieved after surgery for spondylolysthesis, fractures with or without dislocations, disc herniation, canal stenosis, metastatic bone
tumours, primary bone tumors, vertebral instability and in any case, where vertebral fixation is indicated.
Variability of the system:
The 3D couplings allow the adjusting of the screws on the rods in all planes, which makes the rod application much easier and minimises
the need of rod contouring.
The screws and rods give the mechanical support and the stability to the dorso-lumbar and lumbo-sacral spine.
The instrumentation is simple, accurate and ensures precise bony stabilisation.
Special expansive screws are also available in the system, which highly increase the resistance to pull out, providing an excellent fixation.
Expansive screws are indicated especially by revision cases, in osteoporotic bone as well as by sacral fixation.

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