automatic sample preparation system / laboratory / by extraction / benchtop
Discover SP-X



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    by extraction

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Automated Microwave Sample Preparation System for Organic Analysis

The fast, easy alternative to Soxhlet, sonication, and other techniques.

Significantly reduce solvent usage and decrease extraction times from hours to minutes with the new Discover SP-X, a remarkable, sequential platform for automated microwave extraction, hydrolysis, or derivitizations.

Reduce solvent usage by up to 95%
Typical extractions in 10 minutes or less, including cool down
Full temperature & pressure control of each vessel
Easy-to-use vessels with snap-on caps
Works with all solvents, including polar & non-polar
Accommodates a wide range of sample sizes
Documentation of every sample
Stirring provides uniformity of sample mixture
Optional automation deck - load it and leave it
Ideal for a wide variety of matrices including foods, plastics and polymers, environmental samples, textiles, and more