dynamic light scattering particle size analyzer

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dynamic light scattering particle size analyzer dynamic light scattering particle size analyzer - Vasco™


  • Technology:

    dynamic light scattering


The VASCOTM nanoparticle size analyzer is a unique instrument for nanoparticle suspension and colloidal characterization, based on the Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) .

Key benefits
High detection efficiency in opaque/dark media, as well as in diluted solution thanks to a DTC patented system
Extended sample concentration range (up to 40%*)
Reduce sample preparation (no filtration or dilution)
Polymodal and complex sample analysis
No consumable
Solvent-proof sample cell
Technologies & innovations
VASCO combines :

Unique embedded sample cell made of a silica prism and backscattered light detection
Dual Thickness Controller (DTC) : patented system allowing measurement of diluted sample as well as dark / concentrated ones, without dilution
Flusher to remove dust and bubbles
Advanced Padé Laplace algorithm
Main characteristics
Based on Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS)
Particle size (diameter) : 0,5 nm – 10 μm
Sample concentration : 0.1ppm – 40%w/v *
Optical filter option to improve measurements on fluorescent samples
On-line sample cell option → size kinetics study
NanoQ proprietary software
Compliant with ISO 13 321 – Particle size analysis – Photon correlation Spectroscopy & ISO 22 412 – Particle size analysis – Dynamic Light Scattering