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The LVEM 25 is a unique investigative tool, which combines transmission TEM and STEM observation modes. Substantially lower accelerating voltages (ranging from 25 kV to 10 kV) than conventional TEM (typically 80–200 kV) provide substantially improved contrast on light elements with conventionally prepared samples.

Key benefits
Low accelerating voltage (25 kV)  high contrast
2 imaging modes available: TEM and STEM
Small footprint
No special facilities requirements: no need for dark room, no cooling water, no special power, etc.
Technologies & innovations
The LVEM 25 has an architecture that differs from traditional models. It can be installed in a lab, on a desktop or benchtop; almost anywhere electron imaging is needed. Ownership and maintenance of this system are greatly simplified.

Field Emission Gun

Uniquely designed Schottky type FEG (field emission gun)
Very high brightness and spatial coherence,
Lifetime: several thousand hours.
Ion Getter pumping: clean vacuum, clean column, clean images

Inherently dry, vibration-free
Very high vacuum levels
Avoid all contamination in the sample space  stable imaging conditions and no artefacts