dynamic light scattering particle size analyzer / in-situ / remote



  • Technology:

    dynamic light scattering

  • Other characteristics:

    in-situ, remote


The VASCO KIN™ is a new generation of Time-Resolved instrument for accurate kinetic analyses combined with an in situ and contactless remote optical head. It allows to monitor in Real Time nanoparticles synthesis, agglomeration or the stability of suspensions.

With a single and continuous measurement, VASCO KIN™ gives access to all characterization data of a reaction (size distribution, scattered intensity, correlogramms, etc.).

Key features & benefits
Frequency stabilized Laser & Artefact-free Avalanche Photodiode (APD) detector
→ High measurement accuracy
→ Very Low scattering samples
Embedded dedicated PC including software correlation and a complete & dedicated software NanoKin®
→ User-friendly interface
→ Photon-counts storage for Time-Resolved analysis & post-analysis
→ Full report including kinetic analysis
Enhanced mathematic models
→ Better reliability of results
→ 2D Colormap of size distribution over time
Main specifications
Measurement principle: Optical Fiber Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS)
Measurement configuration: in situ / contactless remote probe
Particle size range: 0.5 nm to 10 µm*
Concentration range: up to 40% wt*
Measurement time: from 2s up to 12 hours
Time resolution: down to 200 ms
Small footprint, no mobile part, easy-to-integrate in harsh environment