zeta potential analyzer / laboratory / bench-top



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    zeta potential

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WALLISζTM is an innovative high resolution Zeta potential analyzer purely dedicated to nanoparticle and colloidal charge characterization.

Based on a modern version of Laser Doppler Electrophoresis (LDE) technique
Ideal tool for studying colloidal suspension’s stability and nanoparticles’ electrophoretic properties
Key benefits
No electro-osmosis → Artifact-free measurements
Improved LDE technology → Efficient, reliable & simple
High-resolution measurement → Accurate & repeatable Zeta potential analysis
High durability electrodes → robustness & cost-effectiveness
Designed for standard disposable and quartz cuvette → Easy-to-fill, compatible with organic solvents and high-pH suspensions
Advanced software functionalities (Time, pH, Temperature kinetic modes, SOPs, reporteditor, etc.)
Easy-to-use and intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) software
Technologies & innovations
Dip cell : simple, robust, artifact-free

Simple and easy sample preparation ; no risk of bubble
Robust : high durability vitreous carbon electrodes
Artifact-free : optimized dip cell electrodes design → no electro-osmosis bias
High resolution measurements : sampling frequency 30 times higher than competitors / significantly improving measurement resolution down to 0,1 mV