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serum assay kit serum assay kit - 81067 - 81067/12


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The Toscana Virus, belonging to the Phlebovirus genus of the Bunyaviridiae family, was isolated for the first time inItaly in 1971. Since then, its presence in the mediterranean area has been established and its role as an etiological agent in human disease has been demonstrated. The disease caused by Toscana Virus is characterized by fever, strong headache and meningitis or meningoencephalitis. The infection is transmitted by hematophagous insects of thePhlebotomus genus and is seasonal with a peak in the summer months, due to the life cycle of the vector.Epidemiological data indicate that in areas where the Toscana Virus is endemic, many, perhaps the majority of cases of aseptic meningitis during the summer period are caused by this virus. Until now, the diagnosis of Toscana virusinfection has been mainly performed serologically. Specific antibodies of the IgM class are present during the acutephase, while the presence of specific IgG antibodies in the absence of IgM indicates a previous infection.