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Flexible laboratory management software

•Efficient consolidation in serology through support of all EUROIMMUN products for autoimmune diagnostics, infectious serology and allergy diagnostics
•Central interface between all EUROIMMUN instruments and the LIS for maximal automation and minimal manual working steps
•Increase in the efficiency and reproducibility of all working steps: completely paperless work procedures in accordance with automated protocols – from easy management of test requests, (cost-) optimised performance of analyses, IFT result entry in the PC, archiving of IFT and blot images, right up to the end result
•Security and comprehensive data processing via automated and complete data communication between the LIS and all workstations
•Flexible and open system for adaptation to existing laboratory processes with various expansion modules, e.g. for optimised sample sorting, inventory management, reflex testing or quality control, or for a consolidated serological validation including result dispatch (also with web application for laboratories and doctors submitting samples)

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