gynecological examination table / manual / height-adjustable / with adjustable backrest



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  • Operation:


  • Features:

    height-adjustable, with adjustable backrest, tilting

  • Number of sections:



Size: 1800(L)×600(W)×650/895(H)mm

Multi-purpose obstetric table is designed for delivery, abortion and gynecological examination. It is characterized by easy operation, economy, safety and reliability. It is composed of bed surface, bedstead and bed base. The bed surface includes back section, seat section and leg section. The up-down movement of back section and the forward and backward tilt of bed surface are controlled by operating hand wheel, which makes the doctors and patients feel comfortable.

Main specification parameters:
Length and width of table: 1800×600mm
Height adjustment range: (Min)650×(Max)895mm

Size of sections: Back section: 600×800mm; Seat section: 600×400mm; Leg section: 540×500mm
Max. degree of backrest adjustment: (up)>75°; (down)>6°
Max. degree of forward and backward tilt of bed surface: (forward)>10° ; (backward)>25°