dental office vacuum pump

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dental office vacuum pump dental office vacuum pump


  • Applications:

    for dental offices


VITA vacuum pump in a soundproof box for a stable vacuum and constant level of compressed air
For starting up the Vacumat 6000 MP the used (supplied) vacuum pump must be
retrofitted with a pressure regulator.
Regarding the required pressure regulator please refer to accessories supplied
with the Vacumat 6000 MP.
If you should only have Vacumat 6000 MP you can reorder the required pressure regulator
and the corresponding mounting material under the VITA order no. DZUBP.
Ref.: The mounting plate for the pressure regulator
can only be used at the vacuum pump type „PJ23723“
Please follow the below instructions in order to mount the pressure regulator on the
vacuum pump.
Please note: Our products must be used in accordance with the instructions for use. We
accept no liability for any damage resulting from incorrect handling or usage. The user
is furthermore obliged to check the product before use with regard to its suitability
for the intended area of applications. We cannot accept any liability if the product is
used in conjunction with materials and equipment from other manufacturers that are
not compatible or not authorized for use with our product and this results in damage.
The VITA Modulbox is not necessarily a component of the product. Date of issue of
this information: 05.19
After the publication of this information for use any previous versions become obsolete.
The current version can be found at