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2 products Greiner
Greiner  ML 2 DC CLASSIC
height-adjustable hemodialysis armchair (electric) ML 2 DC CLASSIC Greiner

MultiLine 2 dc comfort is the comfort armrests are made of integral foam. This armrest has an extensive vat and can be adjusted in direction and inclination . Unique Features Lounger Identical:...

Greiner  ML 2 DC COMFORT
height-adjustable hemodialysis armchair (electric) ML 2 DC COMFORT Greiner

The comfort armrests are made of integral foam. This armrest has an extensive vat and can be adjusted in direction (up to 90° inwards / outwards) and inclination (+/- 35°). In the sitting position...

Bionic Medizintechnik ComfortLine
height-adjustable hemodialysis armchair (electric) ComfortLine Bionic Medizintechnik

The latest, innovative chair, integrating use of five motors is flexible enough in all positions expected by the patients and the nursing staff. The multi-functional arm...

1 products Borcad
Borcad PURA
height-adjustable hemodialysis armchair (electric) PURA Borcad

PURA’s multifunctional chair is specifically made for the attributes of comfort and design. It is ideally applied in facilities of...

1 products Gharieni
new video Nanning passion medical equipment PY-YD-340
height-adjustable hemodialysis armchair (electric) PY-YD-340 Nanning passion medical equipment

The Dialysis Chair (PY-YD-340) combines top notch technology and design, yet remains affordable. The electric dialysis chair has a weigh system, a CPR and features three...

new video Nanning passion medical equipment PY-YD-330
height-adjustable hemodialysis armchair (electric) PY-YD-330 Nanning passion medical equipment

Electric dialysis chair PY-YD-330 is specially designed keeping in mind the patient’s comfort. It requires minimal effort on the user’s part to derive benefits from this chair. It promises...

new video Nanning passion medical equipment PY-YD-210S
height-adjustable hemodialysis armchair (electric) PY-YD-210S Nanning passion medical equipment

Passion Drive Clinical Care Chair Recliner provides superior flexibility enhancing the therapies. The chair features flexible one piece lying surface with more functions. The upholstery provides optimum...

new video Nanning passion medical equipment PY-YD-310
height-adjustable hemodialysis armchair (electric) PY-YD-310 Nanning passion medical equipment

The Electric Dialysis Chair combines luxury and comfort at an affordable price. Requiring little effort to use, the chair is fully adjustable, being able...

Nanning passion medical equipment PY-YD-510
height-adjustable hemodialysis armchair (electric) PY-YD-510 Nanning passion medical equipment

The blood donation chair is easy to use, working with a patient’s body rather than against it. It is set on four castors for easy maneuverability and...

Nanning passion medical equipment PY-CD-380S
height-adjustable hemodialysis armchair (electric) PY-CD-380S Nanning passion medical equipment

The PY-CD-380S is a blood donation bed that requires hardly any effort to use. Its ergonomic design works with a patient’s body rather than against it. Any healthcare staff will appreciate the...

1 products Medi-Plinth
height-adjustable hemodialysis armchair (electric) Medi-Plinth

Medi-Plinth’s Dialysis chair is designed with comfort in mind for the duration of dialysis. The specially designed upholstery uses a composite of low and medium density shaped cushions to provide...

2 products SINA HAMD ARIA
height-adjustable hemodialysis armchair (electric) H3120 SINA HAMD ARIA

Quality, safety and user`s convenience always are important goals of Sina Hamd Aria. In this regard, a new dialysis chair has been designed and produced...

video AR-EL TIBBI URUNLER 2077-4
height-adjustable hemodialysis armchair (electric) 2077-4 AR-EL TIBBI URUNLER

2077-4 DIALYSIS CHAIR Techinical Details: Seat height : 520mm - 950mm Chair Lenght : 2130mm Chair Width : 700mm, (with Armrests: 1060mm) Headrest : 700mm...

height-adjustable hemodialysis armchair (electric) 2077 AR-EL TIBBI URUNLER

2077 DIALYSIS & BLOOD DONOR CHAIR Techinical Details: Seat height : 550 mm Chair Lenght : 1730mm Chair Width : 800mm ( including tripod: 1300mm) Seat...

height-adjustable hemodialysis armchair (electric) 2008 AR-EL TIBBI URUNLER

Techinical Details: Seat height : 500 mm Chair Lenght : 1600mm Chair Width : 600mm Chair Width : 800mm (with Armrests) Seat Section : 600mm x 450mm Back...

Weilisheng Biotech WLS
hemodialysis armchair WLS Weilisheng Biotech

Dialysis Chair Series 1.Digital weight scale with comprehensive data management system. 2.More functions, more use. Adjustable...

1 products LEMI
LEMI Ke-Treat
height-adjustable hemodialysis armchair (electric) Ke-Treat LEMI

Ke-Treat is designed expressly for patients undergoing chemotherapy or haemodialysis. It serves as an indispensable system, where patients need to sit for long time during chemotherapy treatments. Ke-Treat...

6 products Promotal
Promotal AMBEO 26000-01
height-adjustable hemodialysis armchair (electric) AMBEO 26000-01 Promotal

This leg rest features a brilliant epoxy light grey finish and a robust steel frame structure. Its height can be adjusted from 63 to 90...

Promotal 26000-10
height-adjustable hemodialysis armchair (electric) 26000-10 Promotal

Ambeo Dialisis chair has been ergonomically designed with a padded leg rest for optimum patient comfort during treatment. This can be adjusted electronically. Constructed...

Promotal 26000-40
height-adjustable hemodialysis armchair (electric) 26000-40 Promotal

This chair has a steel frame body that can handle 200 kg of weight and has an electric backrest that can be released plus a height that can be electrically...

Promotal AMBEO 26000-50
height-adjustable hemodialysis armchair (electric) AMBEO 26000-50 Promotal

This leg rest features a robust steel frame structure and a brilliant epoxy light grey finish. Its height can be adjusted from...

Promotal 3181
height-adjustable hemodialysis armchair (electric) 3181 Promotal

It features electric height, independent backrest, and independent legrest adjustment. It has combined electric seat incline...

video Promotal 3185
height-adjustable hemodialysis armchair (electric) 3185 Promotal

This treatment chair features electric height adjustment and is equipped with a electric backrest and legrest movements....

2 products EUROCLINIC
height-adjustable hemodialysis armchair (electric) SUPREMA D-90 EUROCLINIC

Suprema D 90 has a operator and patient will appreciate how safe and comfortable is the chair in all positions . The Suprema line for oncology and dialysis represents the right solution to the patients...

height-adjustable hemodialysis armchair (electric) SUPREMA O-100 EUROCLINIC

The Suprema range for dialysis and oncology represents the perfect soultion for reliving patients who are constantly prone to long therapies. This chair is both comfortable...

1 products Hidemar
Hidemar H-373
height-adjustable hemodialysis armchair (electric) H-373 Hidemar

The ergonomic Hidemar electrical dialysis armchair has a modern look and it is designed with patient comfort and safety in mind during diagnosis or treatment. It is constructed from the best fire retardant...

Inmoclinc, S. A 21185
height-adjustable hemodialysis armchair (electric) 21185 Inmoclinc, S. A

The strongly built treatment table cum chair is a very comfortable accessory used for ensuring proper...

1 products Seers Medical
Seers Medical  240 kg | SM3690
height-adjustable hemodialysis armchair (electric) 240 kg | SM3690 Seers Medical

The SEERS Dialysis Couch (SM3690), developed to cater patients that are undergoing lengthy sessions of treatment. The couch provides a pressure reducing support surface as well as electric profiling...

1 products ACIME FRAME
1 products NOVAK M
video NOVAK M Q
height-adjustable hemodialysis armchair (electric) Q NOVAK M

This chair is fully electric and height adjustable on all four sections. The foot rest has an advanced control unit. It has a preset for three basic positions and it...

1 products CARINA
CARINA  130 Kg | 945T
height-adjustable hemodialysis armchair (electric) 130 Kg | 945T CARINA

Haemodialysis chair with electric height adjustment Comfortable upholstery with good density on 80 mm foam, width 550, M1 class, 20 colours range Steel quality, epoxy paint, 16 colours range Are all the...

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