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three-compartment knee prosthesis / mobile-bearing
e.motion® Aesculap®



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  • Tibial bearing:



e.motion® Total Knee System

High congruence combined with excellent tribology [1]

The e.motion® product family: flexible, compatible, homogenous:

The e.motion® knee endoprosthesis system offers the surgeon a number of implant options depending on the soft-tissue conditions and the extent of the bone defect – a system for many indications. This modularity is achieved through compatibility among the e.motion® products. The mobile platform offers high congruency with all its advantages for wear and kinematics. [1]

The navigated e.motion® offers improved implant alignment in combination with the 20 years experienced OrthoPilot® computer aided operating techniques. [2]

The IQ instrument platform has been designed to facilitate the workflow not only for the surgeon, but the operation room team as a whole, by enhancing ergonomics and operative efficiency. [3]

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